Hi, my name is Jon. I love my gbf, Violet, cause she's so awesome and weird. I also say "sheesh" too much.


Through Christ who strengthens me.

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does writing make ideas more valuable by multiplying it into the minds of many?
or does it make ideas less valuable by dividing it into the minds of many?

In anything that I do, I do foryou.

In everything that I do, I do for you.

Dear God,

I could really REALLYREALLYuse some discernment right now. Can you please spare me some? Thanks.

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all ze eggs in one basket

investing everything you have in one thing could be a risky decision, but if/when it works out, the reward is way more worthwhile, no?

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if you are a masochist, does that make dreams nightmares, and nightmares dreams?

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z z z

sleep to the sun

rise with the stars

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Knowing and utilizing what you are good at doesn’t make you cocky.

Putting yourself down and low-self esteem doesn’t make you humble.

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edwardyoun: jesus loves u


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